In the Face of Disaster


     In the face of tragedy we are often too shocked to think beyond the devastating feeling that life will never be the same, to focus on what we can do now. The future seems bleak, when we look at all that has been lost,  and all we have to do to rebuild. Thinking beyond the next meal or where we are to lay our heads, doesn't even seem realistic.  Nevertheless  that is exactly where we have to look,  if we don’t want to stay in the position we are in, longer than necessary. We can focus on two things to get us out of tragedy and start on the road to recovery. Resources and mindset.

     All may not be totally lost. We have to look at what resources we have outside if the clothes on our backs. What’s salvageable? What do we have in the way of finances? What skills do we have that will help us earn money or that we can barter for resources? Secondly we need to look at what resources are available from outside sources? What programs are in place to help us out of this situation? Are we taking advantage of every opportunity afforded to us? Are we following up on all resources that we have applied for? This is a very humbling time, but pride doesn’t give you food clothing or shelter. We have to ask for what we need and be diligent about utilizing our resources until we are well on the road to recovery.

     The second, and very important, part of this equation is mindset. It is normal to feel down and depressed in the face of catastrophe, but we can’t allow those feelings to immobilize us. We survived for a reason, and because we survived we have a responsibility to live. So we have to look at how we can make things work in the face of a million and one reasons why things won’t work. We have to take advantage of opportunities that we may not think of as conventional for the way we lived prior to this. If we lost our job or our business we might have to take a second job doing something we wouldn’t normally do until we can get back on our feet. We may have to share housing or figure transportation out. We have to adopt a solution oriented mindset to get on the road to recovery. It’s times like this when we realize that we are stronger than we ever thought we could be. Let’s embrace that strength and start to create a new future for ourselves.


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