Start Where You Are

     It's so easy for people to say I'm going to start as soon as... Fill in the blank. This can be anything from starting a new venture, to starting a diet.  That blank that you just filled in is only a code word for fear and insecurity.  It's just an excuse we give ourselves, not to do something we know we should stop putting off.  I know I've put off starting a diet or a workout until the next Sunday or Monday. The premise that I used to give myself for this self deception was that I wanted to start in the beginning of he week.  Why?  Why did I do this to myself?  Because I was lazy?  I didn't really feel like doing it? Or I thought I would fail?  I could have said it was one of the first two excuses but, if I'm honest it was really the latter.

        I was afraid that if I put in all the work of portion control and exercise and didn't get the results, I would have just wasted time and energy for nothing.  So it as easy to put it off.  Do you feel that way about making a life change?  Maybe you are not in love with your current situation, and you want to change.  You even have an idea what you need to do to alter the situation you are in.  What has held you back?  Is it waiting for the perfect time?  The perfect opportunity?  Until the kids start school?  Until the kids are out of school? We can add just about anything in here and most of the would be valid reasons not to start.  It's like waiting for the perfect time to have a child.  THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME.

       There is always something we could use to rationalize why the timing isn't quite right.  The timing is always right. No one is saying you have to jump on a plane today for that move to the west coast that you have always dreamed about.  What you can do is start planning how you are going to make that move.  Start saving for it, researching the job market, checking out the cost of living in some of the areas you might want to live in.  Do you see what I'm getting at?  Start where you are, and keep making progress until you get where you want to be.  

      The most important thing to remember is that everyone has to start somewhere. The only place to start is from your current position.  Stop making excuses and start. No matter how small the step is, take it.  Then, take the next step, and the next, no matter how difficult.  You can do this!


Sincerely Keanue

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